Anxiety and depression can lead to negative outcomes if not dealt with. That’s just one of the reasons why stigmatising the idea of seeking professional help to treat mental wellness issues needs to come to an end.

In fact, seeking professional assistance should be normalised in society as mental wellness is as important as any person’s physical health and should be given the same attention. After all, everyone goes through difficult situations in life, no matter how hard they try to evade them.

But counselling is not just useful for when people face a crisis, it can be of benefit to just about anyone who is seeking to change habits, deal with confusing or unhappy feelings and thoughts, or just seeking clarity about themselves. Counselling allows a person to have someone to talk to without worrying about being judged or ridiculed.

Here are some of the benefits of counselling:

  • Relieves unpleasant emotions
  • Develops openness and acceptance
  • Improves communication and interpersonal skills
  • Greater self-acceptance and improved self-esteem
  • Helps you change self-defeating behaviours/habits
  • Supports better expression and management of emotions, including anger
  • Relief from depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions
  • Increased confidence and decision-making skills
  • Ability to manage stress effectively
  • Improved problem-solving and conflict-resolution abilities
  • Greater sense of self and purpose
  • Recognition of distorted thinking
  • Paves way for new perspectives and a more positive outlook on life
  • Resolves internal conflicts
  • Nurtures mental wellness

Engage Men’s Health offers free telephonic, online, or in-person counselling sessions in Johannesburg. Sessions are currently available every Thursday from 9:00 till 15:00. To make an appointment for free mental wellness support, call or WhatsApp 063 649 5107  (office hours).

NB: We are only able to respond on weekdays from 8:30 to 16:30. If you contact us outside these hours, we’ll reply as soon as we’re available again.