Keenan: Single, sexually active and on PrEP

As a single and sexually active guy in his twenties who’s still interested in meeting up with other guys, it’s gratifying for me to be a regular PrEP user. It reduces my risk of contracting HIV, allows me to enjoy the pleasure of sex and also to make my sexual partner feel comfortable.

I was introduced to PrEP in 2018 when a guy I was with asked if I’d like to have unprotected sex because he’s on PrEP. I declined because I wasn’t sure if he was being truthful. I was curious, so I enquired, did some research and found Engage Men’s Health clinic in Melville.
I made an appointment, not knowing what to expect and was very nervous. The staff was very inviting and warm. I got my blood taken, got tested and then the sister explained all the benefits of taking the little blue pill. I haven’t looked back since.

I’m very passionate about sex education amongst the MSM community, especially young men who don’t enquire more about safer ways to engage in sexual activity. For the most part, I think social media can be a powerful tool to drive more people to take care of themselves. In today’s society, people spend most of their time on social media that’s where they make friends and find love too.

I feel dating/hookup apps could do more to push for PrEP to be more visible. I like to disclose that I am on PrEP if I’m on a dating site. I’m open about my sexual health and expect someone interested in me or my profile to reciprocate. It’s also a good conversation starter if someone sees I’m on PrEP and doesn’t quite know much about it.

I like to assure people that PrEP is a preventative measure, that it is as easy as taking a pill a day and had almost no side effects. I also inform them that it doesn’t mean you’re HIV positive if you use it, but it’s an additional method of preventing HIV if you are negative. Studies have confirmed a decline in HIV transmission among those who use the magic blue pill.

The key to getting men to utilise this drug is putting the message out there and informing them that it works. Honestly, it’s very hot to meet a guy who cares about himself and his sexual partner(s) and self-care is on the rise amongst all men.

Try to find a connection with your partner or partners and encourage them to be on PrEP too and enjoy ultimate pleasure with a lot less risk.

I still choose to use condoms because I enjoy safe sex and they protect me from other STIs (sexually transmitted infections). For me, PrEP works as an additional preventative method. I haven’t encountered any bad experiences with PrEP. This is a FREE drug that is accessible with guaranteed results – and I’m living proof.

PrEP has been scientifically proven to be over 99% effective at preventing HIV infection. For free PrEP and other sexual health services contact EMH in Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela Bay or Buffalo City on 082 6071686 by either calling or sending a WhatsApp message to make an appointment. For more PrEP information click here