Is PrEP right for me?

When we talk about someone being at ‘high risk’ of HIV, it is not about judgment, it’s simply about their health.

When we bring up factors or activities that could mean that you have a higher chance of getting infected, we’re not saying that how you live or have sex is any better or any worse than how anyone else does it.

Instead, knowing if you are at risk of HIV empowers you and can help you decide if PrEP – the free HIV prevention pill – is right for you. By better protecting yourself from HIV you can live YOUR best life, the way YOU choose it!

So is PrEP a good option for you? While PrEP works for anyone who is sexually active, if you say yes to one or more of the below questions, then PrEP is definitely worth considering:

  • Do you have multiple sex partners?
  • Do you not always use condoms & lube during anal sex (especially if you bottom)?
  • Do you use recreational drugs (chemsex) for or during sex?
  • Do you inject drugs?
  • Are you a sex worker or do you receive money for sex?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, contact Engage Men’s Health in Joburg, Nelson Mandela Bay or Buffalo City to ask about free PrEP, the daily HIV prevention pill. Friendly and stigma-free! Call or WhatsApp us on 082 607 1686.

  • To find out more about PrEP, how it works and possible side effects, click here.